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Anti-Ligature Products

Kestrel Anti-ligature Products


Kestrel Anti-ligature Products

Two areas have been identified as environments where persons are at greatest risk of self-harm: mental health hospitals (including psychiatric wards in general hospitals), prisons and detention centres. In these areas the incidence of self-harm by ligature has been a serious cause of concern.

The Kestrel Magnetic Suspension System provides a highly effective means of greatly reducing this risk. Its load-release brackets are discreet and attractive, and the system is in use in psychiatric institutions and prisons throughout the UK. The patented Kestrel system is simple and extremely effective. It will securely hold a range of items by powerful short-range magnetic attraction. When an abnormal load is applied the magnetic force is overcome and releases its load. And it can do this time after time. There will be no decline in performance, and as there is no mechanical restraint at all, nothing can jam, break or wear out. After an incident, all that is required is for the suspended item to be held immediately below the magnetic bracket or brackets. The magnetic force will then raise the item and click it into its correct position.

Capricorn Contracts have an ongoing commitment to quality and innovation, and new or improved applications of the Kestrel principle are continually being researched. Further anti-ligature items are currently being developed, and our designers are happy to discuss any specific client requirements.

The Kestrel system is available nationwide, with trained and accredited installation and service teams providing an unrivalled level of support


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