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Sustainable Shading

Capricorn have a comprehensive range of external shading products including external venetian, roller and rack arm venetian blinds.

Internal and external shading products are used to control the amount of solar light and heat transmission transmitted into a building in order to create more comfortable environments and more efficiently manage the load placed on HVAC systems.

Studies have shown the external shading is an effective form of minimising solar gain particularly when incorporate with dynamic daylight and insulation management controls.

A scientific study conducted by ES-SO shows that solar shading can make a significant contribution to meeting the Commission's targets. This is true in both northern and southern European climates, and in all seasons. Solar shading, when mobile and automatically controlled, can adapt as climatic conditions change, thus providing an optimum and dynamic solution.

Capricorn can support in 2 ways:

Firstly, we can provide detailed environment reports specific to individual commercial buildings incorporating location, room size, glazing type and much more, in order to provide indicative savings of different forms of dynamic shading solutions.

Secondly, we can also provide indicative saving for manual operated internal shading products showing CO2 reductions and changes to internal temperature levels.

Sustainable Shading   Sustainable Shading   Sustainable Shading

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