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The Kestrel collections offer magnet-based products used for anti-ligature purposes.

Using Kestrel load release systems is an effective way of reducing the potential ligature risks in facilities treating high-risk patients. Anti-ligature products offer no point of ligature by using magnets and light parts which can disconnect from each other under pressure.

The Kestrel collection main purpose is to reduce the chances of it being able to be used for ligature, which can, in turn, lean towards self-harm, and in extreme cases, loss of life.

The Kestrel collection is the only fail-safe range of effective anti-ligature products, which includes a selection of products that are used in everyday life to contribute towards a safer environment for patients at risk of self-harm.

The durable system splits the component and the magnet upon exceeding pressure and can then be easily put back in place. The reliability of the system allows for this continuously with no effect on the strength of the magnet.



- Load release anti-ligature: Load release anti-ligature: The attached item will release from its fixings when exceeding its specified load weight.

- Fixed anti-ligature: Item is fixed in place; however, the product is free from points where cords could be tied to create a point of ligature.

- Weaponry Deterrent: designed to reduce the risk of anti-ligature products being used as a weapon

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