Movatrack cubicle curtain track system


The Movatrack cubicle track system is used in countless hospitals in the UK and across the globe. The Movatrack system is widely renowned for its unique blend of properties. This includes its practical design, it’s ease of installation and durable reliability.
One of the main reasons for the popularity of the Movatrack system is that even after years of constant use, curtains that are used on this revolutionary system do not jam. The tracks don’t even ever need lubricating. The only thing needed to maintain this superb track is a simple wide clean during standard cleaning procedures.
As the Movatrack is designed with hygiene in mind and fully complies with the requirements of HTM66, we know infection control is a major factor to consider when it comes to selecting the equipment used in medical facilities. That is why the track has the option of being coated in Biosafe anti-bacterial varnish for extra protection, the roller hooks travel in an enclosed channel and the flat, channel-free top surface provides no dirt trap and allows for safe and easy cleaning.

The Movatrack cubicle curtain track can be configured to a variety of room layouts. Below we have listed the most common layouts requested by our clients.

Movatrack M100 L-Shape

The cubicle track is shaped like an ‘L’ as the name suggests and is ideal for dividing the room into multiple bays. This is a great choice for rooms where more than one patient is staying and where privacy must always be maintained.

Movatrack M100 Straight track

The track is affixed wall-to-wall and secured with die-cast aluminium wall shoe brackets to hold the track safely and securely in place. Additional ceiling supports are available for extra stability for track lengths above 3m.

Movatrack M100 U–Shape

For the ultimate coverage using a U-shaped Movatrack is the way to go. With this track layout, the designated area will be given full coverage and optimal seclusion. This is the go-to track configuration to divide open plan rooms into smaller cubicles.

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