Hand Drawn Tracks

The durable design of the hand-drawn curtain track selection makes it extremely stable and provides a subtle and unobtrusive finish that blends into its environment. We offer three robust hand drawn tracks for lightweight, medium and heavyweight curtains.

HD1600 Hand Drawn Curtain Track

The HD1600 hand drawn curtain track features a very slim profile, which makes it an excellent choice for both domestic and contract environments. This track can be bent to the specific shape required and can be fixed with either face-fix or top-fix brackets.
Fixing Centres – 600mm
Bend Compatibility – Yes
Radius (Min.) – 120mm
Usage: - Light to medium-weight curtains

HD2200 Hand Drawn Curtain Track

The brilliant design of the HD2200 hand drawn curtain track makes it extremely stable and gives it a simple, professional look. It can easily be mounted in various ways on a wall or ceiling. Due to the track’s flexibility, this track can be used in both residential and commercial settings.
Fixing Centres – 800mm
Bend Compatibility – Yes
Radius (Min.) – 175mm
Usage: - Medium to heavy-weight curtains

HD2400 Hand Drawn Curtain Track

If the previous tracks aren’t exactly what you are looking for, then the HD2400 hand drawn curtain track is the one for you. Perfect for heavy curtains due to its strength.
Heavy-duty Aluminium track with white power – coated finish, fixed with face or top-fix brackets. Comes with end-stops and heavy-duty roller runners at 12 per metre.
Fixing Centres – 600mm
Bend Compatibility – Yes
Radius (Min.) – 255mm
Usage: – Heavy-duty curtains

You can learn more about our different hand-drawn curtains on the respective product pages.

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