Heavy Duty Roller System

Having a strong and effective system for your Roller blind is a priority to ensure effective shading levels in large scale applications, which is why we offer a large variety of performance fabrics for every shading requirement.

R200L Heavy Duty Roller Blinds Range

• Banlight
• Banlight XL

For locations where lots of light is an issue, Banlight fabric is the perfect option. Banlight fabric is part of our blackout fabric collection which helps you to have control over light, you can have complete darkness when required or lift the blind to allow the light to soak through.

• Carnival B/O
• Carnival blinds

The Carnival collection is one of the most versatile fabrics out there due to the dozens of colour options available for this fabric. You have a choice between the standard fabrics as well as the blackout options. The Carnival collection truly gives off a carnival feel with its bursting colours and stunning shades.

• Palette
• Palette XL

The Palette fabric collection comes with dozens of colour options available. Both Palette options Both Palette fabric options are flame retardant to FR standard BS 5867 Part 2 Type B, with the Palette fabric having an anti-mildew coating, and the Palette XL variant being anti-microbial

• Perspective Screen Fabrics

Our Perspective screen fabrics allow for light to gently filter through the finely woven material. The fabric is fire-resistant in accordance to BS 5867 Part 2 Type B and is made from 22% Polyester and 78% Polyvinyl Chloride. The Perspective range comes with 6 different fabric colours to choose from and can be used for Roller, Roman and Panel blinds.

• Unicolour

Unicolour is one of our more popular ranges due to its gorgeous palette of 26 different colours to choose from which was expertly designed for the contract environment. The fabric comes with both water and fire resistance and is made from 100% polyester material.

• Uniview Screen Fabrics

Uniview fabrics are physically strong, washable and will not fray. The fabric is also non-toxic, UV and bacteria resistant. The Uniview screen fabrics also achieve the BS5867:2008 Part 2 Type B standard for flammability requirements.

The solar gain ability of the Uniview fabric

The three different variants of the Uniview screens are:

Uniview 3000 – 0.53mm thickness – 30% Polyester 70% Vinyl on Polyester

Uniview 3100 – 0.57mm thickness – 25% Polyester 75% Vinyl on Polyester
Uniview 3200 Superfine – 0.43mm thickness - 25% Polyester 75% Vinyl on Polyester

Uniview Offers Solar Gain and Shading Co-Efficient abilities that help to bring the fabric in par with its alternatives.

The Uniview differs slightly from the Perspective Screen fabrics is that Uniview, excluding the 3200 Superfine system, is used for roller blinds only. However, like the perspective, the Uniview fabric comes as dimout to help slightly block out sunlight.

The heavy-duty system is great for holding up long, heavy blinds that would otherwise be difficult to hang. The system has different operation choice to use it. This includes a chain operation, a crank operation, Coupled systems as well as a motor operation. The system parts used are high-quality, ageing resistant and UV resistant materials.

Some of the benefits of this system include:

- Easy Installation
- Easy and accurate fixing of the brackets
- Installation friendly lift assisting parts
- Smooth and fast operation
- Silent operation
- Elegant design

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